Is cancer immunotherapy right for me or my loved one?

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Cancer immunotherapy is a different approach to cancer treatment

Cancer immunotherapy works by helping the body’s own immune system fight certain kinds of cancers.


Several types of cancer immunotherapies have been developed to treat cancer using different strategies to help boost the body’s immune response. Some cancer immunotherapies help your immune system attack the cancer directly and some help to enhance your body’s immune response to fight the cancer.

Cancer immunotherapy is:


UNIQUE – Helps the body’s own immune system fight certain kinds of cancers


INNOVATIVE – Boots the immune response


FOCUSED – Helps the immune system recognize cancer cells


Cancer immunotherapy is an effective treatment option

Cancer immunotherapy has been proven to be effective at treating several cancers, including cancers of the kidney, bladder, melanoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and some lung cancers.  There is a lot of research being done to learn more about how cancer immunotherapies can be used to treat different types of cancer.


Side effects are different for everyone

Which side effects you experience, as well as their severity, depend on many factors, like your overall health, the type of cancer being treated, which medication is being used and how it is given to you.  


Flu-like symptoms, such as fever, chills, weakness, nausea, diarrhea, body aches or fatigue are common side effects of cancer immunotherapy.


Some immunotherapy drugs can give you a rash and make your skin itchy. This can happen during your treatment and may last after treatment. Speak with your healthcare professional if you experience these skin changes. They can suggest creams or prescribe medicines to help relieve the itchiness.


You should discuss the possible side effects with your doctor before starting treatment. If you experience any side effects during your treatment, let your doctor know right away. He or she will be able to find ways to help you reduce or manage your side effects to get you through your treatment as comfortably as possible.


Cancer immunotherapy can be combined with other treatments

You may receive cancer immunotherapy alone, or in combination with another type of treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation. Your doctor will decide which treatment plan is right for you.

To learn more or to find out if cancer immunotherapy could be right for you or someone you love, speak with your doctor.

If you experience these or any other side effects during your treatment,

speak with your doctor right away.

There are ways that you can help reduce or manage your side effects to get you through your treatment as comfortably as possible.